The Cougars' basketball program offers teams for boys and girls from 5th grade through high school. The teams for 5th grade through 9th grade are considered developmental, while JV and Varsity are considered competitive and offer tryouts at the start of the season, depending on player numbers.  


Tryouts are usually held in August or September before practices begin in October.  The regular season typically begins in November and competition runs into early March.  


Player fees vary depending on the team level, number of games scheduled, etc.

                                       Tim Tuin

                                       Head Coach, Varsity Girls


                                       Contact: Click here

                     #2 Jonah Dean, 5'5" Junior

                     #3 Chris Staufer, 6'0" Sophomore

                     #5 Frank Smith, 6'3" Junior

                     #11 Colt Logan, 6'0" Senior

                     #13 Pipo Hofstra, 6'2" Junior*

                     #15 Shane Rykse, 5'8" Seventh Grade

                     #21 Logan Greer,  5'10" Sophomore

                     #23 Joshua McDonald , 5'10" Sophomore* 

                     #24 Aaron Schubkegel, 5'10" Sophomore

                     #31 Caleb Staufer,  6'4" Senior*

                     #33 Ezra Flynn, 6'0" Junior

                     #35 Elijah Kenitz, 5'9" Junior

                         * Captains


VARSITY BOYS 2018-2019


                   Head Coach: Samuel Gilbertson                  

Assistant Coach: Barry DeYoung    |   Assistant Coach: Caleb Vanderhill


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To God's glory and as ambassadors for Christ, out of love for our children, we desire to organize home school athletics in order to promote Godly character, witness, excellence, sportsmanship, and physical fitness.


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